This Australian Centre for Sri Lankan Unity (ACSLU) Page lists selected blogs dealing with special subjects or comments on documents relating to the Sri Lankan separatist problem. They are set out in a table. The ID column gives a unique number identifying the blog, the DATE column gives the date of posting, the TITLE column identifies the subject and the NOTES column gives Notes and additional information on the blog including the article if it is a comment based on an article (wich is usually reproduced at the end of the blog). The items are listed chronologically in descending order of date of posting. Unless otherwise stated these blogs are written by the Convenor of ACSLU. If the author is different the name of the author will be given in the NOTES column. Note: In the documents the abbreviation q.v. = quod vide= which see.

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8.09 25 Mar 08 Five Theses on Terrorism 5 Theses on Terrorism of Dayan Jayatilleke, SL Ambassador to UN Geneva Office.
8.08 19 Mar 08 The Batticaloa Elections Analysis of local government elections in the Eastern Province in March 2008.
8.07 17 Feb 08 Lessons from the Yugoslav Experience A Comment on the birth of Kosovo.
8.06 6 Feb 08 Another Analysis of the MR-APRC Proposal A Comment on the Critique of the APRC Proposal by Tisaranee Gunasekara.
8.05 25 Jan 08 Anandasangaree on the APRC Proposal The Views of TULF President Sangaree on the APRC Proposals.
8.04 24 Jan 08 The Submission of the APRC Proposal The Devolution Proposal of the All-Party Representative Committee.
8.03 19 Jan 08 The Cease-Fire Agreement – an Obituary The Revocation of the Ceasefire Agreement between GOSL and the LTTE.
8.02 12 Jan 08 No Ban on the LTTE The SL Govrenment has no intention of banning the LTTE.
8.01 10 Jan 08 The Sri Lankan Conflict the Start of 2008 ACSLU Analysis the SL Separatist Problem in January 2008.
7.64 26 Dec 07 A "Personal Perspective" for 2008 Analysis of Dayan Jayatilleke's Personal Prognosis for 2008.
7.63 22 Dec 07 An Indian Comment on SL Foreign Policy Comment on article by Balachandran on the foreign policy of Mahinda Rajapakse.
7.62 18 Nov 07 Buddhist Response to Religious Aggression Comment on article on Christian Evangelical activity.
7.61 12 Nov 07 Eelamists and the Karuna Blunder Implications of the arrest of Karuna in the UK
7.60 11 Nov 07 The Australian Election and the SL Problem Forthcoming Australian election with a Comment on a SPUR statement.
7.59 5 Nov 07 WAPS Media Release on Thamilselvan Comment on WAPS Media statement on the killing of Thamilselvan.
7.58 1 Nov 07 The Hela Revolution and its Consequences Comment on an article on the 1956 political changes.
7.57 29 Oct 07 The Black Tiger: Nature of the Beast The Black Tiger phenomenon
7.56 26 Oct 07 More on the LTTE Attack A response to a reply blog 7.55
7.55 25 Oct 07 The LTTE Attack on the Anuradhapura airbase Comment on the LTTE attack and on an Article by B. Raman
7.54 4 Oct 07 Humanitarian Intervention "Humanitarian Intervention" in the SL problem and a Comment on an article by Tisaranee Gunasekara
7.53 4 Oct 07 The President's UN Visit Comment on an Interview given by the President during his vist to the UN
7.52 19 July 07 A Jesuhela Critique of Buddhism Analysis of an article by Nandimitra Fednanado
7.51 19 July 07 President's Address on the Thoppigala victoryA critical analysis of the President's address to the Nation on the capture of Thoppigala
7.50 1 July 07 The Economic CrisisComment on an article on the economic crisis facing Sri Lanka
7.49 22 June 07 Foremost Place and State ReligionComment on discussion on place of Buddhism in Sri Lanka
7.48 18 June 07 Isolation or Annihilation of the LTTE?Comment on Article by Durand Appuhamy
7.47 10 June 07 Extremism or Folly?Further comment on Blog 7.46
7.46 9 June 07 Eviction of Tamils from ColomboThe GOSL decision to evict certain Tamils from Colombo.
7.45 3 June 07 The JHU Proposal to the APRCAnalysis of the JHU proposal for the 'Political Solution'
7.44 1 June 07 More on the GOSL Game PlanSequel to Blog ID 7.43
7.43 31 May 07 The 'Game Plan' of the SL ArmyComment on a Reported Statement of the SL Army Commander.
7.42 29 May 07 Not Hubris but CowardiceComment on "The Sins of Hubris" (T. Gunasekara)
7.41 29 May 07 The archbishop and the Tamil PropagandistComment on a Letter by B.Senewiratne to Archbishop Rowan Williams
7.40 28 May 07 The Delft IncidentComment on the LTTE attack on Delft
7.39 23 May 07 Alternative Devolution ProposalsComment on "Original sin" (T. Gunasekara)
7.38 21 May 07 Boucher's Visit to Sri LankaUS Asst. Secretary Boucher's Press Conference in Colombo
7.37 11 May 07 The British InterventionComment on the debate in the British House of Commons on Sri Lanka
7.36 9 May 07 Another Criticism of the SLFP ProposalComment on "The SLFP's Kamikaze Proposal" (T. Gunasekara)
7.35 4 May 07 SLFP Devolution Proposal – ACSLU CommentSLFP Devolution Proposal – The ACSLU Analysis
7.34 2 May 07 SLFP Devolution Proposal – 1SLFP Devolution Proposal – Preliminary Comment
7.33 28 Apr 07 The President's Vatican Pilgrimage – 3More on the President's Vatican Visit
7.32 25 Apr 07 The President's Vatican Pilgrimage – 2More on the President's Vatican Visit
7.31 23 Apr 07 The President's Vatican Pilgrimage – 1The President's Vatican Visit
7.30 21 Apr 07 A Critique of the Vitharana Proposal Comment on "The Vitharana Proposal and the Separatist Paradigm" (C.Wije)
7.29 17 Apr 07 Confusion Thrice ConfoundedComment on "The State of Confusion" (T. Gunasekara)
7.28 13 Apr 07 Immolation by Fire in Abrahamic ReligionSequel to "New Thinking or Old Myths?" ID 7.27
7.27 10 Apr 07 New Thinking or Old Myths?Comment on "New Thinking of Religions..." (Q. Perera)
7.26 2 Apr 07 More on 'Traitors Everywhere' Sequel to ID7.25
7.25 1 Apr 07 Traitors EverywhereComment on "Traitors Everywhere" (L. Jayasooriya)
7.24 30 Mar 07 The Significance of the LTTE air-raid 1Comment on "Air Tiger Attack on the Air Force Base" (S. Gamge)
7.23 29 Mar 07 Two views on the SL SituationComment on "Strange Times and Critical Choises" (T. Gunasekara)
7.22 26 Mar 07 An Official Response to the LTTE Air Attack The SL Washington embassy statement with Comment.
7.21 25 Mar 07 The Decline of the LTTE and what comes afterComment on "The decline & decline..." (HLD Mahindapala)
7.20 16 Mar 07 The JVP Solution to the SL ProblemOn an interview with the JVP leader
7.19 9 Mar 07 Endgame for Prabhakaran?Comment on "Tamils leaving Vanni ..." (HLD Mahindapala)
7.18 4 Mar 07 The Last LaughComment on "A Danger Signal" (T. Gunasekara)
7.17 3 Mar 07 Master Stroke or Cat-out-of-the bag? The alleged secret agreement between the President and Prabhakaran
7.16 26 Feb 07 What Comes After the Ceasefire?Comment on "Beyond the Ceasefire" (T. Gunasekara)
7.15 19 Feb 07 Responsibility of Government Reply to S. Jayasinghe
7.14 18 Feb 07 Aid Noose Tightens?On a British HC Press Release
7.13 15 Feb 07 Letter to The GuardianOn the Report of J. Steele
7.12 14 Feb 07 The President – a Mindless Bomber? Comment on "A mindless Bomber" (J. Steele)
7.11 10 Feb 07 All Quiet on the Northern Front Comment on "The Second Front" (T. Gunasekara)
7.10     7 Feb 07 The Jumbo Cabinet and the Rajapakse Dynasty   Comment on "Of Cabinets and Kings..." (T. Gunasekara)
7.9 5 Feb 07 Another Prabhakaran Obituary Comment on "Ruthless Tiger Oppression..." (HLD Mahindapala)
7.8 2 Feb 07 The Homeland Theory Comment on a Post by W.Ediriwira
7.7 27 Jan 07 Berghof, Nazis and LTTEComment on "Nazification at the Government Constitutional Core" (S.Goonetilake )
7.6 22 Jan 07 Another Verdict on VaharaiComment on "Victory at Vaharai" (D.Jayatilleke )
7.5 17 Jan 07 The Straight and Narrow Path Comment on "The Battle and the War" (T.Gunasekara )
7.4 14 Jan 07RanilW-MahindaR Accord Comment on "Waiting in the Wings" (T.Gunasekara )
7.3 14 Jan 07 Two Deadly Blows..."Comment on "Target LTTE..." (HLD Mahindapala )
7.28 Jan 07SPUR Statement on Bus Bombings Statement by Society for Peace Unitry and Human Rights in Sri Lanka
7.15 Jan 07A Rottweiler off the LeashComment on "God's Rottweiler in Jaffna..." (HLD Mahindapala)

6.3 17 Dec 06   Sri Lanka "Balkanized"? Comment on "Plot to Balkanize Sri Lanka" (G.Amarasekara)
6.2 14 Dec 06 APC - Minority Report Comment on the Minority Report of the Committee of Experts
6.1 9 Dec 06   APC - Majority Report Comment on the Majority Report of the Committee of Experts