Australian Centre for Sri Lankan Unity

Selected ACSLU Documents

  1. ACSLU Manifesto (Extract)
  2. ACSLU Glossary Definition of terms used in ACSLU documentation .
  3. Tamil Terrorist Insurgency: A Brief Chronology
  4. Role of Expatriates in the Resolution of the Sri Lankan Problem
  5. Myth of Discrimination against Tamils in Sri Lanka
  6. The Great Betrayal An Analysis of the Indo-SL Accord of 1987
  7. Sinhala Commission Report The Interim Report of the Sinhala Commision (Sep 1997)
  8. Statement on Mullaitivu disaster
  9. The Aftermath of Mullaitivu
  10. The Devolution Law of Sri Lanka: a Critique
  11. The Federal Solution to the Sri Lankan Problem
  12. Analysis of Siihala Urumaya policy Statement
  13. Surrender to Terrorism Analysis of the Cease-Fire Agreement with the LTTE
  14. Boduhela and Jesuhela
  15. A North-South Conflict?
  16. The Geneva Talks (February 2006)
  17. The EU Resolution of May 06 - an Analysis
  18. Towards the Resolution of the Sri Lankan Problem
  19. History of Separatist Conflict – A Tamil View
  20. Terrorist Attacks: Selected Chonology
  21. The 'Homeland Theory': Statement and Refutation

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