– Suttas (Discourses)

General Information

The documents which form the basis of Buddhism come in the form of various compilations of the Buddha's discourses arranged into several texts. These are known a the Tripiṭaka. The main sections of the Tripiṭaka and the abbreviations used to refer them are as follows:

  1. V Vinaya Piṭtaka – Discipline of Monks
  2. D Dīgha Nikāya – Long Discourses
  3. M Majjhima Nikāya – Middle Length Discourses
  4. S Saṃyutta Nikāya – Connected Discourses
  5. A Aṅgttara Dīgha Nikāya – Numerical Discourses
  6. Kh Khuddaka Dīgha Nikāya – Miscellaneous Discourses

The Discourses in this section come from the 4 Nikāyas (D, M, S, A) given above. The number of the Sutta in the collection is given after the initial of the collection.

Selected Discourses of the Buddha

  1. M60 Apaṇṇaka Sutta
  2. M61 Ambalaṭṭhikā-Rahulovāda Sutta
  3. M62 Mahā-Rahulovāda Sutta
  4. M63 Cūḷa-Māluṅkya Sutta
  5. M64 Mahā-Māluṅkya Sutta
  6. M65 Bhaddāli Sutta
  7. M66 Laṭukikopama Sutta
  8. M67 Cātumā Sutta
  9. M68 Nālakapāna Sutta
  10. M69 Gulissṇni Sutta
  11. M71 Tevijja-Vattagotta Sutta